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Filtering Pressure Reducing Valve XS-GLJY(2)

Key words: safety valve, water mixing valve, electric water heater, electric wall-hung boiler, plumbing hardware, electric wall-hung boiler

Overview: The company has successively established three brands: Xinshi (XINSHI), HEJU (Heju) and SNUSEE, representing plumbing hardware products, stainless steel products and electrical products respectively


Product Details

Product Summary:


Applicable Life and production water, no corrosive liquid

Working Pressure Range0.2MPa1.5MPa

For Maximum Temperature90


Explanations Of Purposes For Filtering Pressure Reducing Valve

1.The function of filtering water impurities:

There are two 25 and 30 mesh strainer at the inlet of the pressure reducer, respectively, to obstruct the impurity in the water outside the pressure reducer. The filter can be removed or replaced, when impurity plugging full, open the cover to take out the filter, clean and put it back, it will be recycling with long service life.

2.The function of reducing and steady pressure:

This product is used for the water temperature is below 80 ℃  and pipeline with no corrosive liquid medium , to reduce the pressure of the medium getting through the product  and relatively constant, to adapt to the operational needs. When inlet pressure P1 is 0.7-1.5 MPa, the outlet pressure P2 after going through the filtering pressure reducing valve will be 0.2-0.5 MPa, it can be chosen by adjusting the spring; When inlet pressure P1 is 0.4-0.7 MPa, the outlet pressure P2 after going through the filtering pressure reducing valve will be 0.2-0.35 MPa, it can be chosen by adjusting the spring; When the inlet pressure P1 is or below 0.2 MPa,  the filtering pressure reducing valve will be without decompression effect, the  inlet pressure will be the same with the outlet pressure; When the inlet pressure change within the scope of 0.4 to 1.5 MPa, the outlet pressure variation is not exceeding than 0.05 MPa.


Structure and features of the filtering pressure reducing valve

1. To adopt the direct acting piston structure, simple internal structure, no jam, reliable performance, durable.

2. Resistant to dirty scale prevention, do not need to filter and without by-pass pipe, simple piping, can save a lot of space and cost.

3. The outlet pressure can be precision adjust 0.2-0.5 MPa, in general situation, it can be regard as the outlet pressure is not affected by the inlet pressure.

4. Can be suitable for all kinds of waterway system pressure requirements.

5. Manufacturing by copper material, electroplating processing. To guarantee the service life of the products as well as elegant appearance;

6. Unique design of reducing pressure, 1.5 MPa water pressure can be reduced to between 0.2 to 0.5 MPa, to solve all sorts of problems caused by high pressure;

7. Both ends respectively using the G1/2 teeth inside and outside, the outlet  is the flexible screw teeth, convenient to install and use.

8. The screw teeth hole of the inlet and outlet is used with PTFE rubber ring, can be assembled directly with the pipeline without other auxiliary tools.

The installation matters of the filtering pressure reducing valve

1. When installation , should pay attention to the flow direction of the medium inside the pipeline and valve with the same direction of the arrow as shown on.

2. Not to reverse its inlet and outlet, whereas the filtering pressure reducing valve will not be work, or even damage.

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