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Water Filter XS - GLQ

Key words: safety valve, water mixing valve, electric water heater, electric wall-hung boiler, plumbing hardware, electric wall-hung boiler

Overview: The company has successively established three brands: Xinshi (XINSHI), HEJU (Heju) and SNUSEE, representing plumbing hardware products, stainless steel products and electrical products respectively


Product Details

Products Summary:
Product model: XS - GLQ
Product name: water filter
Applicable : oil, water, no corrosive liquid
Applicable fields: civil and commercial of workers and peasants, etc
For maximum temperature: 90 ℃
Rated pressure: 2.6 MPa

Use purpose:

The water filter is used to install in the the pipeline, a device used to remove impurities from the water.From water source to the terminal, it lines tend to be longer, more twists and turns, the impurity in the water (such as sand, weeds, hair, etc.) will be deposited.Not only to block  the whole pipeline, make the line paralyzed to use, but also damage to the important devices (such as valve, water heater, instruments and meters, etc.) of the pipeline.If the water is dirty, such as ponds, reservoirs, rivers and so on , there may be much impurities, it absolutely needs to install water filter .The filter is suitable for industry, agriculture, civil and other various fields.


Product Features

1. The surface apply to cleanup acid treatment,  beautiful and shiny. 
2. The inlet and outlet adopt G1/2 inner thread, easy for installation,
3. The diameter of the hole is large enough  for large water flow.
4. The product can bear the high pressure, it would not be leaked when the water pressure between 0 ~ 2.6 MPa .
5. Not only apply to the water, can also be applied to oil or other.
6. The product is equipped with a removable cover, open the valve cover can filter the impurities cleaning
7. Not only suitable for water , it also can apply for oil and so on.

Install Caution

1. Please pay attention to the direction of the water flow in the pipe should be the same with the arrow shown in the valve body.

2. It should be wrapped with ribbons, or there will be leakage.

3. The impurities should be timely removed when the mesh is blocked up .

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