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Electric Water Heater DR07C-J

Key words: safety valve, water mixing valve, electric water heater, electric wall-hung boiler, plumbing hardware, electric wall-hung boiler

Overview: The company has successively established three brands: Xinshi (XINSHI), HEJU (Heju) and SNUSEE, representing plumbing hardware products, stainless steel products and electrical products respectively

Product Details


Model Nr. DR07B/C-J
Product Category Instant Electric Water Heater
Voltage 220-240V 380-400 V
Power 6 KW 9 KW 11 KW 18 KW 21 KW 24 KW
Current 28A 41A 50A 28A 32A 37A
Working Pressure 0.3-0.8MPa 0.3-0.8MPa
Switch on Water Flow 1.5 L/MIN 3.0L/MIN
Wire Size 3×4mm² 3×6mm² /
Waterproof Grade IPX4 IPX4
Protection Category I I
Control Method Mechanical Mechanical
Thermostatic No No
Temp. setting range 35°C-50°C 38°C-60°C
Overheat Protection 55°C 75°C
Thermal Cut-out 95°C 105°C
Net Weight 3.06 KG 3.06 KG
Net Dimension 23x11.5x39.5(Bare)
Features 1. Instant Water Heater, 3 phases
2. Central hot water and heating supply
3. Mechanical control, Knob temperature adjustment
4. Multi shells and heating systems for choice
5. Energy saving and fast using
6. Dry heating and overheating protection, and can bear high water pressure


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