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Snusee Company possesses professional production technicians and first-rate production facilities, equipped with Stamping Workshop, Injection Molding Workshop, Machining Workshop, Polishing Workshop, Assembly Workshop, and an electrical appliance factory







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Water flow switch 85F

Water pressure switch 1005

Stainless steel products DN06

Stainless steel products DN01

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Health Snusee, Taiji Peers
In the new year, the Snusee employee Master Huang, a Taiji heir from Zhaobao, Wudang, China, entered ZhongshanSnusee Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., and launched the initiative of "National Exercise,
Looking forward to you in 2019 ISH Exhibition
As a well-known manufacturer of plumbing fittings in China, on March 11, 2019, SNUSEE, with the 2019 latest water heater products and plumbing hardware products, presented itself at the exhibition with a new attitude, showing its brand strength to the whole world from a global perspective, attracting a large number of audiences at home and abroad to stop and understand..
To exploit the new market, win more cooperation opportunitie-s, our company is foreign trade sales team in German-y in March, the cologne, Germany, in 2018 the international hardware show, from 03.04 to 03.07, a three-day harvest quite abundant, lay a good foundation for further cooperation.
Warm congratulations to the award-winning faithful and outstanding staff
These employees have been conscientious, aggressive, dare to challenge, and play a good team spirit for the development of the company, the company is proud of these excellent employees, and awards the corresponding prizes to express gratitude and encouragement!

Zhongshan Snusee Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. for initiating foreign markets and expanding overseas businesses. 
Hong Kong Branch will inherit to the management principle: treat producing high-quality products as its own duty, pay attention to products’ forward looking, 
proactive in innovation, brave in exploration, create its own brand, and keep improving.

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