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Health Snusee, Taiji Peers

Health Snusee, Taiji Peers

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With the rapid development of economy and society, the working pressure of employees in enterprises is high. Due to the lack of reasonable sports and relaxation methods, the number of sub-healthy people is also increasing. Taiji is a fitness exercise which conforms to human body physiology and sports principles, and it also integrates the theory of Turner, Guidance, Meridian and Yin-Yang. It is very suitable for solving various sub-health problems of employees in enterprises.


In the new year, the Snusee employee Master Huang, a Taiji heir from Zhaobao, Wudang, China, entered ZhongshanSnusee Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., and launched the initiative of "National Exercise, Health Snusee, Taiji Peers".Company leaders also strongly support the development of Taiji campaign. Through Taijicampaign,company takes sending health as the best way to care for employees, and conduct professional Taiji training for its backbone and employees.





In March 2019, Taiji activities have officially started. Under the leadership of Master Huang and General Ye, employees of the company actively participated in the training activities.




This is our Taji Master—Master Huang. He's very attentive in teaching. He's very graceful, and also very stylish…





Colleagues are learning very serious. By learning Taiji, they can relax physically and mentally and experience the unique charm and fun of traditional fitness and health-keeping methods. Here, you can start your journey of Taijiand appreciate the beauty of Chinese traditional culture.



At the same time, we hope that everyone can integrate Taiji culture and Taiji spirit into Snusee’s corporateculture through Taiji learning! Corporate culture includes image culture, system culture, behavior culture and so on, but its core is ideology culture.The power of culture is invisible. The invisible power is the greatest. It can destroy a society, an enterprise and a team, and also can invisibly give healthy and upward vitality.It can be said that the good or bad of corporate culture, marks the success or failure of corporate management.It is like a person practicing Taiji, if there is no internal strength, it means there is no results from Taiji. Except the inner strength, there are pure and miscellaneous high and low, still need to be constantly refined, then could be a real master. If a man without internal strength, no matter how perfect his Kong Fuactivities is, orhow handsome his can use the weapon, all are luxurious but not practical. Corporate culture is just the internal strength of an enterprise. It is the result of long-term accumulation and refinement. It is a comprehensive thing, and reflected in the external words and deeds of daily work, and also in the inner feelings and perceptions.

In a word, life is full of practice, life is full of Tao, everything in the world is interlinked, and Taiji is everywhere in management.