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The water heater market: namely narrow speed hot as hot spots

The water heater market: namely narrow speed hot as hot spots

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In fact, at present, a lot of instant water heater manufacturer mainly small and medium-sized or small small businesses, mainly concentrated in huzhou, zhejiang and guangdong zhongshan, foshan and other places. Although the number of many, but good and evil people mixed up, a lot of small businesses and even family workshops, production scale, it should not. With the current of water heater market share of 35% of the autor lang, for example, the production capacity of 2013 at 200000 m, in line with the annual sales. In addition to the autor lang, believe other mainstream instant water heater brand on the market is not yet known, such as harvard, nock, Hanover, good source, too, was green, bei force and so on.
However, as an important branch of electric water heater, with the future improvement of electricity environment, industry standard gradually standardize and continuously improve their technical level, instant water heater with fashion the appearance of the cabinet, the hot water quickly and is not subject to water restrictions and other unique advantages, will continue to occupy a place in the industry.
On the other hand, in order to solve the traditional water storage type electric water heater preheating time is long, continuous use of hot water not, many mainstream brands competing nearly two years in traditional water storage type electric water heater into the "speed" concept, in upgrades, the quality of life increased consumer demand in 2013, from appearance modelling, internal technology to human performance has made a comprehensive improvement. And increasingly fierce competition in the market, also let many mainstream electric water heater brand will focus more on product development, new product emerge in endlessly, in the high-end market has become increasingly apparent.
Such as: haier's 3 d speed hot, beautiful "Tech healthy living water" system, a. o. Smith's MAX store thermal expansion function and AES adaptive Navi intelligent rapid thermal system of energy saving system, Siemens, ariston silver antibacterial, Wan Gule "twin-engine" speed heat, OTT lang "multimode" heating, and double shock shield system, and many other innovative technology window is attached to the "quick hot type" electric water heater. And explore the main technical points of the "speed", is in the case of ensure that do not change the power, through change and adjust the internal structure and techniques to further increase the water yield, improve the heating speed. Which also is not hard to find, in addition to the "speed" concept, healthy, comfortable, intelligent, security, personality, fashion the elements which meet the demand of consumers to various aspects such as electric water heaters are also gradually become the mainstream product of several key words.
Look from product volume, multi-channel water demand in the family, driven by the growth of large capacity products quickly. Among them, 60 litres of water storage type electric water heater share of the retail sales accounted for about 30%, compared with 2012 increased by 3%.