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Science and technology innovation achievements air can water heater tens of billions of market

Science and technology innovation achievements air can water heater tens of billions of market

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With congenital advantages such as safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, the express the huimin policy, emerging abnormal air can water heater industry development speed fast, sales of less than 30 million in 2003, after less than 10 years of rapid development, has annual sales of over 100 times by 2010, 3.09 billion, and then to 2013, sales estimate has billions.
Terms of development speed, the air can industry rapid degree of unparalleled, and other forms of water heater is not nearly as well. But if from the point of the share of the national water heater market, air can water heater occupies less than 10%, far worse than the other forms such as gas water heaters, electric water heater water heater share.
Senior personage points out, heat pump, air to water heater industry's market share is small, mainly in the north and the south was in rapid development in the development of polarization development uncoordinated, small and medium-sized cities, and a line of big cities, and a series of the problem of unbalanced development, causes the air can't form scale of the country's large market. Specific questions are: a, air can water heater appear "low temperature and low efficiency in low temperature environment, into the cold north is a problem; Second, the volume of air can water heater is too large, cannot be based on the "before" a glimmer of big cities. And the root cause of the problem is that the air can belong to the emerging industries, technology is not mature in some respects, especially in low temperature environment can effect comparing to improve and miniature size on these two aspects.
At present, many big brand of heat pump, have realized the heat pump technology upgrades slowly has become can hinder the air industry developing quickly and the biggest bottleneck, expand the market and accelerate the technical innovation to improve.
Can heat pump experts point out that, at present the rapid development of air industry with the urgent needs of the new and high science and technology and the present level of heat pump technology is relatively backward in mores.nay air is the contradiction between industry develops the market, led to large-scale development of the main contradictions, especially improve eer and miniature volume is crucial. Improving energy efficiency, into the north market is expected; Miniature size, possible in big cities. Science and technology is the first productive force, if the air can water heater industry once opened the north market and major cities in the market, can form the national "unification" in the market, promote the development of the industry scale, and achievement billions market also is inevitable.