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Air can water heater is expected to take more than 50% market share

Air can water heater is expected to take more than 50% market share

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Speaking of air can water heater "day price", that is ago. With the progress of social productivity and heat pump technology, air can water heater development up to now, the price has dropped a lot of, and a premium on the market of electric heater to 3500 yuan. It seems that electric water heater on price almost accounts for less than what "cheap".
But electric heater energy-saving sex is far less air can water heater. Can produce hot water, the same air water heater energy cost only a quarter for electric water heater, every production l hot water (in temperature 30 ℃), took about 1.5 to 1.6 cents, electric water heater and air can water heater only offer 0.3 cents. A year, the use of air can water heater energy efficiency alone could save hundreds of dollars. In addition, electric water heater use eight years is over age, while the common air can water heater can be used more than 15 years, just calculate energy savings and can buy another air can water heater. So in the long run, is not expensive, when using air can water heater buy with affordable, too.
But recently "the European Union, heat pump water heater challenge China plan" to nanning, kunming, chengdu, chongqing, changsha, wuhan, nanchang and hefei eight cities water heater market survey report shows that "when buying is not expensive, has also affordable" but air can water heater top utilization rate by 2.6%, and was neither electricity nor how highest utilization rate of electric water heater is 13.3% cheaper. The result is confusion, what reason be in hinder the development of air can?
"The European Union, heat pump water heater challenge China plan" further, the survey found nearly 40% of residents think air can water heater is big, can't hanging, installation is a difficult problem, so don't choose and buy. Heat pump veteran said, at present the volume already is the biggest bottleneck in mores.nay heat pump industry development. Due to the large volume, the air can make small bathroom families install the water heater can't afford to injury. And electric water heater is power-hungry, but small size, wall hanging, can greatly satisfy the needs of urban, the electric heater can be based on the fundamental of the city.
Just when the bulk stalled because of the heat pump industry, heat pump in December this year professional brand the first enterprise in guangdong new er Thai new energy technology development co., LTD has spread good news, "crystal intelligence, space" and "crystal intelligence, imperial springs, two small volume really hanging air can water heater was born, can end up the air volume is big, can't hanging era.
It is understood that the new en tai brand "crystal intelligence, space" and "crystal intelligence, imperial springs, volume was only about a third of ordinary air can water heater, wall hanging, but into the heat pump technology revolution 3 x thermal expansion technology, makes the volume, reduce the energy under the condition of no electricity auxiliary water yield up to 3 times in a row, is the real body wall hanging small to large.
Heat pump experts point out that if the new en tai brand in the air can be "hanging" era, that electric water heater will be the "end". Air can water heater once solved the difficult problem is big can't hanging installation, relying on its advantage of high efficiency and energy saving will be popular in large cities, and high-end electric water heater at least more than 50% of the market.