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Safety valve A11JNB

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Product Description

Name: Safety valve A11JNB

No.: A11JNB


1.  Copper alloy body, plating, long life and beauty;

2.  Patent design, quick and no need waterproof tape to install and keep steady;

3. Bidirectional and inner drainage design, when the container is overpressure, it can help to release and keep product to be safe. Inner release pressure from 0.1 to 0.2Mpa; start up pressure can be equal or larger than0.04Mpa;

4. Lateral outlet design, solve the problem of the drainage pipe for the space is not enough to be installed.

5. Proper inner drain design and effectively to avoid whistle, sands inflow and the low water flow.

6. Outer release structure adopt screw measure style, not only match the pressure released requirement but also to be fixed, the pressure value can be keep in range after ten thousand times release;

7. Unique handle design , can prevent the inconvenience caused by mistake on release, gradient style can make the release value to be more stable.

8. Both sides separate adopt G1/2 outer and inner thread to match product requirements.

N.W: 112G/PC

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