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IranConfair 2018

IranConfair 2018

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18th Iran Tehran International Building & construction Indu-stry Exhibition is hosted by Iranian famous Iran Central Chamber of Cooperatives, once a year, which is also a long historical and famous International Building & construction fair. Every year, the exhibition attracts more than 55,000 professional visitors from real estate companies, construction companies, road and bridge builders, building materials producers, natural stone producers, decorators, architects and engineers from various regions in Iran, sharing information of industry technology and fashion trends. It's a blooming exhibition.
Our company took part of this exhibition during 6th to 9th Aug., showing our products to Iranian and neighbour customers, and showing products' feature and function to interested buyers. No matter surface or feature and function, our products attracted lots of attention and inquiry, and we received lots of enquiry.
IranConfair 2018IranConfair 2018IranConfair 2018IranConfair 2018IranConfair 2018IranConfair 2018IranConfair 2018